So I’ve finally got my computer back.

After a month of no computer I got really behind on my personal projects which really gets me down. So when I finally get the chance too I usually have somethin to show by the end of the day. I only have the weekends now though with a full time job. But I’ll still manage plently 😀

The first clip is a sneak peak at a new animation series I am working on. I am really excited to start this and will still be awhile before I can properly start on the first episode, but its coming along really well!


Only Yandere Developer fans will know of this name.

That’s all I’m going to say for now.

Next is 3DNAngel!  VideoLink

This has been a very slow update process, but I am ready to crack on!

I have a friend helping on sound and I have a motion capture suit so things should be getting much better soon!

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