In early 2015 I created my own series. Well not quite. I decided a really cool animation series would to take a manga that never aired as an anime and recreate that. I took lots of models from different sites and managed to build a school and all the characters I needed.

I even got some pro voice actors to help, I really enjoyed making this series and it was taking me around 2 months to finish an episode. But once I got more Industry work I had to leave my computer behind while I relocated for work and it meant big pauses in my uploads. I didn’t have nor do I have many followers so it probably doesn’t matter to many people, but it made me lose my dedication to this series.

I decided I needed more followers before I do any more, I need a fan base. So I created Sakura Media. I’ve only just hit over 200 subscribers so its still a very slow work in progress. But I’m learning a lot in what I need to do/post, so hopefully soon I will have more and then I will decide whether to continue this series.

Watch the series hereĀ Strobe Edge