Before I mentioned how I looked through YouTube for inspiration, well I found it.

If you don’t know of Monty Oum then here’s what I know, He has no educational background and created the most incredible action packed fight scene in 3D I have ever seen. I’m talking about Dead Fantasy. Well back then that was his best work but not anymore. I followed Monty’s work and it lead me to Rooster Teeth.

Rooster Teeth is now a massive company which create all sorts of content. They are mostly known for their YouTube channel that hosts lets plays, podcasts and animations series. Their longest one being RedVSBlue which is brilliant, and Monty came and helped them on that series to improve their animations. Shortly after he started working on a new project with them which he created. RWBY.

RWBY is the one thing I am desperate to create something even close to. Its another 3D animated series, but the characters, animation, humor, art style, Story, EVERYTHING to me is perfect!  Its really inspired me a lot, especially when in 2015 Monty died.

I dedicated my first YouTube series to Monty, and one day I hope to create something on par with his work.