So! Here’s a bit of info of some of the things I have worked on Industry wise!

First I Graduated Teesside University in 2013 with a 2:1 in Computer Games Animation.

I then started freelance work, I got to help quite a few indie projects for a good year but a lot of them never got completed. But I still worked endlessly on my own. I learned new program and redid work over and over. I kept posting these on Facebook and started to good feedback, and then one of my friends from University offers me a chance to apply for a job. It was to do 2D which I have no skills or experience with. BUT I got on YouTube and learned, thankfully it was a 2D software called Spine which was really easy to use. And I was able to create a simple walk cycle. Which got me the job. I think it was more impressive that I managed that on a complete new software in the time given that won that for me.

I moved to London to work at Stink Digital on the John Lewis Christmas App Man on the moon that came out with the TV advert in 2015.

My first industry job. Unfortunately it was only a short contract so I was back home within a month. But I had a new skill and experience. After a few months I got my second industry job working with Pink Kong. I moved to Ireland! I was on a 6 month contract to work on a new release with a company called Variable State, on their game Virginia.

After that I came back home and quickly got another job, this time down London again! I got to work at Splash Damage as an animation intern. The game has not been announced yet. I was offered to carry on there for another month but I had been contacted by my recruiter about a new job.

And here I am now, once again in IRELAND! I work with a company called Immersive VR Education. And this time its permanent. I can finally relax, I managed to get a job in the career I trained for. Short contracts and Internships are all well and good, but they end. So it was such a relief to get this job, and its a great one too!

We are currently working on a full VR experience which brings back to life, the Titanic.

So look out for that 😉