It all started for me by freelancing. I managed to get a paid freelance job really quickly after university. Which kept me happy for a few months, but then I lost all contact and the game was never finished. I think I’ve had about 6 jobs altogether where the game was never made or it just completely vanished. I don’t think it was ever my fault, that I could have done better but it really worries you. I got to meet a lot of new people online though and made a few connections which all matter!

I started watching YouTube for inspiration to work on my own projects, I came across Element Animation, I loved their main voice actor for the villagers and their very creative animations. So I decided to get in touch, and low and behold I got a reply! I was able to help them on their Minecon 2015 video and their movie trailer Testificate man. I got my name on IMBD for working on this title, officially famous people!

When working freelance I also tried to work on my own animations, they were mostly just short animations I could add to my demo reel. One day I got an email from Channel Frederator a community on YouTube asking me to join, these guys work with Adventure time and Simon’s cat to help promote, so I was really excited. Not much has come from it so far honestly, but it kept me motivated to do my own animations. Which I will go over in the next blog.

I plan to work freelance again in the future, you have a lot more variety in the animations you do and meet lots of new people.

But that’s still a long way off

Check my Freelance page on my portfolio site for videos on my work

Freelance Work