3D.N.Angel is my newest series I am working on, I decided I should start work on something with more action scenes rather than a romance. This ones a bit different as it is a manga but a anime was released, but it didn’t follow the manga and the manga is not finished. So I figured a few D.N.Angel fans would appreciate it.

Unfortunately I have been separated from my computer for awhile again and the upload process has taken much longer than planned. I have only managed to upload one episode at this point. But I have got a few more people involved finally, every time I start something new I always try to get others to help. But never managed to get anything from them, this does mean waiting on a lot of people though, which I honestly can’t stand. That’s why I almost always end up doing things myself and then get ill because I over worked.

This series will be continued in the future, unlike Strobe Edge which I am unsure about, although I did have an interesting idea for Strobe Edge which might ignite it.

You can watch episode one hereĀ 3.D.N.Angel