Welcome to Sakura Media’s Blog!

If you’ve no idea who or what Sakura Media is all about, then today is your lucky day!

Its really not, but we can all dream right?

Sakura Media is a collections of videos created by ONE animator, and that animatorĀ is me, Abby Roebuck. Why Sakura Media? Sakura comes from my first and all time favorite anime, Cardcaptor Sakura. Media is just Media….I post a lot of stuff and I have so many things I want to create so it just worked.

I decided to write a blog as I do seem to be coming up with a lot of personal project I want to create, so this will be a sort of work journal, hopefully if I ever make a few fans along the way they might subscribe to me and look forward to my work.

For now I’ll just be posting previous work to fill up the space. I hope I can keep up with this and post regularly, never managed before. But I think I finally have good work to show. So fingers crossed!